Rome was not built in a day, and neither a brand.

It takes years of concerted, honest and strategic efforts to build and catalyze a brand to reach its desired heights while staying focused on its vision and mission. At times, the results of the efforts are not apparent enough. The answer to the “Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How”, lies nowhere but in establishing the missing link in the entire value chain of the brand building exercise.

The first missing link is the lack of literature and relevant content and messaging which narrate the brand story, by defining the organization and its core strengths.

Deploying diligence and depth, we, as MAQLAIM design and create strong persuasive messaging for communications, to connect the targeting key segments inclusive of scattered demography, geography and audience-existing and potential. Our eventual objective is to persuade partner organizations and brands to realize and apprehend, that Content is King, No Matter What

Key Deliverables

White Paper
Whitepaper creation by Maqlaim
Video White Paper
Video White Paper
Infographic Creation by Maqlaim
Event by Maqlaim
Content Marketing by Maqlaim
Post Script

Premise: Intelligentsia is a coffee company that produces roast coffee blends from German vintages. Their business model may not be high tech, but content marketing has been instrumental in helping them grow their brand. The company has engaged in a variety of content marketing practices, but many content marketing experts argue that their brew guides are what really set them apart.

Case-in-Point: What is so special about the Intelligentsia brew guides? It sounds simple, but what makes them stand out is their amazing photographs and detailed instructions for their readers. As a result, these guides have been shared on Reddit, Vimeo, and a variety of other platforms.

Key Takeaway: Creating a valuable line of content that differentiates you from your competitors can help take your brand viral.


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